Featured Beer Program

To maximize marketing exposure and allow for adequate planning, we are introducing the Featured Buying Program for select 12oz and 16oz SKUs.  

What this means: How we’ll choose:
  • Guaranteed sales: we commit to purchasing a predetermined volume of product before you brew
  • Style popularity
  • Featured placement in both subscription & retail
  • Brewery strengths
  • Anticipatory social media & email announcements
  • Marketability: is there a unique name or eye catching branding?
  • National exposure to thousands of customers
  • Pricing
  • Potential packaging design collaboration
  • Smoother brewing and sales planning: no need to worry about where or when your beer will sell

Unfortunately, if we have sold a beer within the last 6 months in crowlers, that beer is not eligible for this program. Below, we have included our projected volume by package size and style to help you decide what to submit.



Q: Will these cases need to be delivered all at one? With our regular weekly delivery?

A: Craft Alley is happy to help pickup these bulk orders. Due to space constraints on our end, we would prefer to pick up a portion of the order on a weekly basis over the course of the featured month.


Q: How involved will Craft Alley be in the brainstorming, brewing, and marketing process?

A: As much as you want! We will only be choosing skus we believe in. The goal is to give each featured beer as much exposure as possible. Marketing through brew day and canning day videos, early access to labels, etc.


Q: What kind of pricing is expected for these featured beers?

A: That depends on the style of beer. Obviously, certain beers are more pricey to produce. Lower prices allow us to more easily include these beers in a larger number of subscriptions.


Q: Will 100% of the pre-committed to cases be on the same invoice?

A: Payment will be broken down into 4 invoices spread over a one month period. Each invoice will be Net 10.


Q: What if I can’t provide with you more than a certain number of cases?

A: Communication is the name of the game - just let us know. If it is a brew we believe in, we will make it work.


Q: Is this beer exclusive to Craft Alley or can we sell it elsewhere?

A: Sell it in your taproom, or in any liquor store you want.

This is a working list and will continue to be updated as this program evolves. If you have any questions that are not listed here, please email rachel@craftalley.co.