Frequently Asked Questions

Beer Drop

What is Beer Drop?

Beer Drop is a subscription program built specifically for you. Fresh beer matched to your tastes, delivered on your schedule.


How does Beer Drop work?

Set up your taste profile, choose your frequency and where you want your beers to be delivered. From there you’ll start getting fresh beer on your doorstep. You can be as involved or as hands-off as you want.


How do you choose which beers are recommended?

His name is Randy. He wears a parka and lives in our beer cooler. He knows how many toothpicks hit the floor and can recite Pi backwards. Each monday Randy runs our algorithm that picks out the highest rated beers that you haven’t had before, matched to your taste profile.


Can I choose the beers for each Beer Drop myself?

We’ll always give you recommendations for the beers we think you’ll like the best. Once the recommendations are set, you can go into your account and swap to your heart’s desire. Add as many beers as you’d like from our ever changing list of available beers.


When do I find out which beers are in my Drop?

You’ll get a preview of the beers that we recommend for your Beer Drop the Monday before your scheduled shipment. Make sure to keep an eye on your inbox, it’s like unwrapping a birthday present everytime you open your preview email.


How do I get a beer again if I really liked it?

You can add any beer of your choosing to your Beer Drop, or swap it for one of the recommended beers. You can also place additional one off orders through the main site at


How can I change my beers?

Once your preview email comes out, you can log into your account and change the beers in your drop. Log into your account and hit the ‘swap’ button and you can change out any beers you like.


When will my Beer Drop be sent?

You can see the Drop date when you log into your account. If you need to change the date, use the quick change option to bump it a week, or click ‘edit’ to change it to a specific date of your choice. You will receive additional communications once your beer is on its way.


Can I exclude beers from my recommendations?

Click on Beer Drop Preferences in your account navigation and you can change your flavor preferences, ABV limits and more. You’ll also get a chance to remove individual beers from any future recommendations as you swap beers out of your Beer Drop. We take all of this into account when recommending beers.


Can I skip a drop?

Absolutely - this is your world, we’re just livin’ in it. Skip as many deliveries as you want with your Beer Drop subscription. We’ll be here to get you beer when you’re ready for it.


When am I charged?

We’ll run your card 24 hours after you receive your preview email. This is a few days before your scheduled drop date.


Will I be charged extra for swapping beers?

Swapping is free, but if you add more expensive beers, you may be charged if you go over the threshold. You can get up to $50 worth of beer with each drop, you will be charged the difference for the value exceeding $50.


Can I change my delivery time and place?

Of course. Go into your account and choose your upcoming beer drop. Select the “edit” button next to “Pickup/Delivery Info” and add a new delivery address or change the date to something that will work better for you.


How do I pause or cancel my Beer Drop subscription?

Just shoot us an email at and we’ll make sure get you taken care of.


Craft Alley Basics

What does Craft Alley do?

We deliver 32 oz cans of fresh beer from some of the highest rated breweries in Colorado.  You can also stop into our shop on South Pearl in Denver and pick up some 32 oz cans to go.  For more information on how it works - visit the how it works page.


What does Craft Alley do for breweries?

We partner with breweries to give them an outlet to sell their beer outside of their taproom and get it to the customer the way they intended it to be consumed - fresh.  This helps them compete against the large macro breweries, which in turn keeps money in the area and supports our local economy.


Why not just shop at the liquor store?

Aside from our beer being fresher than what you’ll find in a liquor store, it’s also supplied by independent brewers that live, work and play in the Denver metro area alongside you and I.  Instead of your beer money going into the pockets of venture capitalists or foreign stockholders, it is recirculated into the community. 


Why Fresh beer?

Beer tastes better fresh - especially high quality micro-brewed beer.  The beer we get from our breweries is not filtered and is a living drink that changes over time.  To get the flavors the brewers intended, you have to drink it fresh before the flavors start to change.


Why 32 oz cans?

We think 32oz cans are the perfect vessel.

They’re big enough that our breweries can fill from the draft efficiently.  They keep beer fresh with a completely airtight seal and the aluminum blocks 100% of beer-skunking light.  They’re also more portable than glass, at a size that’s shareable or can be conquered by a single person.


Should I still go to the brewery?

Absolutely!  The best way to get the full experience our breweries have to offer is to visit their taproom.  Our goal is to make sure that you have access to our breweries’ beers all the time, regardless of whether you want to drive across town or not.


How do you choose your breweries?

We look for the best breweries around to make sure that our customers get a great experience with every beer.  If you have a suggestion for us, send it to


How often will you get new beers?

Our beer comes straight from the breweries’ taps, and so does our menu.  Our menu will update as our brewers rotate their taps, so make sure you check back to see what’s currently for sale.



Enjoying Fresh Local Beer 

Do you guarantee freshness?

Yup.  Sure do.  We are confident in the method that our brewers use to pour and seal their beer, and back it up with a satisfaction guarantee valid for up to 28 days from the pour date.  If there’s anything that you don’t like about your beer, email us at and we’ll take care of you.


How do you ensure it’s fresh?

Our brewers are obsessed with beer, and focused on ensuring that the beer that comes out of the can tastes just as good as when it comes off their taps.  When filling our 32 oz cans, our brewers use techniques that mirror an automated canning line, to minimize oxygen pickup prior to establishing an airtight seal with their can seamer.


How fresh is fresh?

Most of the beer we sell is poured to order.  You’ll never find anybeer in our store that’s more than 2 weeks old.


Can I age beer from Craft Alley or keep it in my cellar?

We do not recommend aging any beer that we sell.  


How many servings are in a 32 oz can? 

2-4 servings depending on the beer’s alcohol content.  The higher the alcohol content, the smaller recommended individual serving size.


Can I store it once it’s open?

Just like any other opened container, the beer will go flat if it is left open for an extended period of time.  We recommend that you responsibly drink your beer as soon as possible.


How soon should I drink this beer?

Due to the nature of the unfiltered craft beer, it is best to drink your beer as soon as possible, no longer than 28 days after the poured on date.  


How long will my beer stay fresh?

We guarantee freshness within 28 days of the poured on date.  The beer very well may be great beyond that date, but because the beer is a living drink the flavors may change for better or worse.  We recommend you drink it within the first 28 days to ensure you get the flavors as the brewer intended.


How should I store my beer?

We recommend that you keep your beer in a fridge or cooler at 37-40 degrees until you are ready to drink it.


What if I don’t like my beer?

Craft Alley and our partner breweries are committed to making sure you have a good beersperience.  If you don’t like your beer and it’s within 28 days of the poured on date, we’ll replace it with a new beer at no cost.  Just email


Shopping for and Buying beer

What is ABV and IBU?

ABV means “Alcohol by Volume” and it signifies the percentage of Alcohol in the beer.  Beers with higher ABV should be enjoyed carefully in smaller servings.


IBU means “International Bittering Units” and it signifies the bitterness of a beer.  A good rule of thumb to remember is that bitterness often relates to hop content, so if you want a hoppy beer - you’ll probably want something with a high IBU.  If prefer beers with few hops, you’ll likely want to stick to lower IBU beers.


Can I order from more than one brewery at a time?

Definitely!  You can mix and match however you like.  Some people prefer to sample beers all from the same brewery, others prefer to sample the same style from different breweries to find their favorite IPA or Stout.


How do I order?

To order beer from Craft Alley you will need to: 

  1. Use filters to find new, interesting beers
  2. Add desired beers to your cart
  3. Create an account
  4. Choose a delivery date
  5. Enter payment information
  6. Complete checkout


Do you guys offer party packages for office parties or happy hours?

We do!  Give us a call at 720 577-5751 and we’ll work through your order needs.


Is there a maximum order?

There is no max order, but if you plan to order more than a dozen 32 oz cans we recommend giving us a call at (720) 577-5751 so we can make sure you have everything you need.


Is there a minimum order?

There is no minimum order, but we do offer free delivery when you order 4 or more cans of beer.


How do I learn more about which styles I’d like?

Stop into the store, or chat us online and we’ll gladly help you out! also has a great, thorough guide if you prefer a self-guided learning experience.


Can I taste the beers at your shop?

Yes, we do tastings on Fridays and Saturdays from 4-9 pm and Sundays from 11am - 4 pm.


Can I send beer to someone else?

Yes you can!  As long as you are over 21 years of age, you can purchase beer on our site.  Any recipient of beer from Craft Alley must be present at the time of delivery, over 21 years of age and not visibly intoxicated.  As long as the recipient meets these criteria, our drivers will complete the delivery.


Does your website store my credit card?

We do not store any of your credit card information.


What is same day all about?

We keep some of our beer fresh-stocked in our coolers so that we can get it to you more quickly.  If a beer is tagged as “same day” it means that we can get it out for delivery that same day.  


However - if you place an order for same day beers and non-same day beers, we’ll have to wait until we’ve assembled the full order before we deliver it to you.


Why do I have to register?

We require registration to ensure that our users are over the age of 21 and legally allowed to purchase alcohol.


Why do you ask for my driver’s license number?

We validate your driver’s license to help ensure that anyone attempting to purchase beer on our site is over the age of 21 and legally allowed to purchase alcohol.



Where do you deliver?

We keep an updated delivery area on our Delivery Zone page. 


When do you deliver?

We deliver 7 days a week from 6-8pm with additional delivery windows Thursday through Sunday from 3-5pm.  


How does delivery work?

When select delivery during checkout, you will be presented with a list of available delivery time windows.  We process your order, collect and assemble your beer and get it out for delivery.  It will show up at the delivery address within the delivery window.


How do I get beer delivered today?

Make sure your shopping cart only contains beers tagged as “Same Day”.  If you order a beer without the “Same Day” tag, we will have to wait until we can get the beer in - and the times we present at checkout will reflect that.


Does someone have to be present to accept delivery during the delivery window?

Yes.  In order to complete a delivery, the recipient must be present, not visibly intoxicated and have a valid ID showing they are over the age of 21.


Can you leave it on my porch?

No.  Our drivers will never leave alcohol unattended.  In order to complete a delivery, the recipient must be present, not visibly intoxicated and have a valid ID showing they are over the age of 21.


Will Craft Alley deliver to my office?

Yes!  We deliver to any physical address.  Make sure to fill out the “Delivery Instructions” during checkout to let the driver know how to get ahold of you at your office.


What happens if I miss my delivery?

If you miss a delivery, send an email to within 3 days following your missed delivery and we’ll schedule a follow up delivery free of charge.  If that delivery is missed, or you don’t email, we will hold your beer for pickup in the store for up to 7 days beyond the original delivery date, after which time your order will be forfeited. 


Will they arrive cold?

All of our drivers are equipped with coolers that keep the beer fresh and cold until it is in your hands.


Do I have to get it delivered? 

You can also drop by 1455 S Pearl Street in Denver and shop the selection in our retail store.  Any online orders can also be picked up at our retail location free of charge.


What can I do with the cans after I buy?

Take them with you to the mountains, pool, or anywhere else you like to enjoy fresh cold beer.  After you responsibly drink your beer, we ask that you responsibly recycle the can.


Customer Support

Who do I contact if I still have questions?

You can reach out to at anytime, or chat us online if you have any other questions or if you even if you just want to say “Hi”.