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Single By Choice - Ekuanot

New England Pale Ale - 32oz Crowler

A New England Pale Ale brewed with 100% Ekuanot hops to get a mildly hazy and juicy pale ale that still packs a punch with a full body mouthfeel and taste. At first, Ekuanot is familiar—in a pleasant, desirable way. Tropical fruit, papaya and mango notes reminiscent of Mosaic and Citra offer versatility across fresh-flavored styles. Then, things get weird. In the midst of the bright citrus and melon there is a ribbon of green pepper. Or something like green pepper. It’s not green pepper in the eat-it-with-hummus-use-it-on-a-fajita sense of green pepper. It’s sweet and fruity but seemingly not fruit. The interpretations of Ekuanot™ have been so wildly different yet similarly perplexed that we’ve decided it’s just one of those hops you’ll have to experience for yourself.
  • 5.0% Alcohol Content
  • 30 Bitterness Units
  • 3.7 Untappd Rating